IKOR Success Story

Authorization concept for more transparency


Company Size:

Sales Cloud

Type of Business:


About the Customer

  • IKOR is part of the IT solution provider X1F, which focuses on the finance and insurance industry.
  • As a Europe-wide technology consultancy, platform integrator and software manufacturer headquartered in Hamburg, IKOR digitizes the business models of insurance companies, banks and the public sector – with a focus on automated end-to-end processes and future-proof system landscapes.

Customer Requirement

Data security is a top priority in every company. Existing concepts have often grown historically and require revision over time.

The main objective was to develop a transparent, scalable and user-friendly basic concept in order to increase efficiency when assigning users and to ensure clear traceability of authorizations.

b2+ Implementation

  • A detailed analysis of the business processes and user groups provided answers to key questions regarding the concept development. In particular, the daily working methods played a central role in understanding dependencies and responsibilities. Once this understanding was established, our consulting team developed a concept that could be implemented in the system after approval. This involved a comprehensive revision of the role hierarchy and the basic assignment of authorizations was changed from profiles to permission sets.
  • Thanks to this redesign, our customer now has the option of assigning authorizations to individual users more quickly and in a more targeted manner. In this way, they retain transparency at all times as to which authorizations a particular user has. This leads to significant added value in terms of efficiency and transparency in authorization management.