CRM Consulting

Discover your potentials.

You have already implemented Salesforce and would like to use the platform in its most efficient way? As industry experts we will show you best practice solutions, support you in the integration of your business processes and streamline key business procedures together with you.

After a detailed analysis, we create a concept adjusted to your needs and align the implementation potentials in Salesforce.

We support you in achieving the full potentials of Salesforce and in further development of your market position.

We advise you on which requirements can be realized with standard functions and where customized extensions make sense.

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Salesforce Configuration

The Sales Cloud grows with your business.

Is your company changing? With our years of experience we support you in adapting the Salesforce environment to your requirements in the most efficient way.

We evaluate your current system from a 360-degree customer point of view, show you a range of business and technical possibilities and define your sales KPIs.

We establish full transparency in your sales process through automated processes. No more open opportunity in your sales funnel will get lost.

Flexible, visualizable data as well as customized dashboards and reports ensure more efficiency and transparency.

View upcoming and already achieved goals in real time and increase the ease and speed of your sales management for more deals and higher revenue.

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Salesforce Configuration

You grow, the Sales Cloud grows with you.

Is your company changing? We help you to adapt your Salesforce surrounding efficiently to new requirements with our years of industry expertise.

First, we evaluate the current system from a 360° customer perspective, show you business and technical optimization potential, and we define KPIs together which you want to achieve in sales.

We create full transparency in your sales process through an automated process. So you do not let any open sales opportunity of your sales funnel slip through your fingers anymore.

Flexible, visualisable data, user-defined dashboards and a customized oriented reporting create more efficiency and transparency.

View future and already realized objectives in real time and make your sales management faster and easier. For more deals and more revenue.

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Smart API Development

Several systems, one solution.

Are you, like many other companies, using several different programs and applications instead of a single system? Then your workload in data management will automatically increase. The solution: intelligent interfaces with Salesforce along the supply chain.

Intelligent interfaces allow you to merge even complex databases and use them across different systems.

We provide perfect solutions for your individual requirements. With the help of our industry expertise, we take a holistic look at your business and enable a smooth project flow as well as an optimal user experience. This is our common goal.

The data exchange of e.g. master data or order information works automati-cally via web APIs and the effort of multiple data entry is eliminated.

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