Efficient planning and ordering of printed advertising material with web2print

Real Estate.

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Sales Cloud

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To the Customer

  • As a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Switzerland, Raiffeisen Casa unites real estate specialists and financial advisors under one roof.
  • The company uses the Salesforce Sales Cloud including Propertybase.

Customer Requirement

Precise and targeted marketing of real estate is of great importance for Raiffeisen Casa’s core business. The challenge was to ensure the quality, timeliness and cost transparency of the printed advertising material for the cooperating banks at the decentralized locations. For this reason, a Salesforce web2print application was developed with which advertising material can be booked directly via Salesforce and an interface to the print shop. This simplifies the production and delivery of advertising material to the banks.

b2+ Implementation

  • In close cooperation with our client, b2plus developed the “web2print” application within the Salesforce platform, which is closely linked to the respective real estate properties. This app has been instrumental in creating the infrastructure for managing advertising in the banks by seamlessly transferring the order processes from Salesforce to the print shop.
  • Thanks to the successful implementation of this project, printing costs were reduced, efficient advertising material ordering processes were established and the quality of the external image was significantly improved.