X1F Project

Standardized reports for X1F advisory boards


Company Size:

Sales Cloud

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About the Customer

  • The X1F Group offers technology and transformation consulting as a full service offering, supporting banks, insurance companies, industry and the public sector in the digital transformation.
  • Under its umbrella, X1F offers IT solutions at 38 locations in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia with its twelve corporate subsidiaries and more than 1100 employees.

Customer Requirement

The Advisory Board of the X1F Group meets quarterly to review the KPIs of the subsidiaries’ sales organizations

A standardized reporting system for both subsidiaries is to be created for the advisory board meeting to simplify the analysis and review of the figures. This is to be done with a graphical representation of the reporting in Salesforce.

b2+ Implementation

  • By introducing a custom object, a reporting level was created that allows individually customizable time periods and uses automation to transfer the relevant fields of the opportunity to the new object. For example, snapshots are created when the project period changes, which can be used for complex evaluations of the data.
  • This approach enabled the Advisory Board’s requirements for the various KPI evaluations to be met, as a comprehensive database was created that is not available in any other system.