My first 6 weeks at b2plus

My first 6 weeks as a marketing intern at b2plus were a great introduction to the world of a consulting company. b2plus Consulting GmbH is a business and IT consultancy specializing in the implementation and optimization of CRM applications from Salesforce.
At the time of my application, I was in my 3rd semester of business studies at Munich University of Applied Sciences. I then applied for an internship at b2plus for the upcoming practical semester.
The application process went smoothly from the very first contact. I was able to apply directly with my CV and was invited to an interview by Sebastian in the same week. Even before I started, he gave me an overview of the upcoming project and the topics I would be working on. This meant that expectations were clearly communicated from both sides right from the start.


I felt part of the team right from the start. This meant I was able to quickly familiarize myself with my new tasks on my first day at work. I was able to contribute my opinion and ideas at an early stage and therefore had a real influence on the results achieved. I was given a lot of creative freedom when working on my tasks and organizing my day. I familiarized myself with the topics with a high degree of personal responsibility, described solutions independently and presented them in the team meeting. If I had any questions, I could always turn to my colleagues, or we discussed them in the daily project meeting. The preconception that you only have to make coffee as an intern doesn’t apply here – except for yourself, with an excellent espresso machine.


I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge from university in the real working world and gain relevant experience. My tasks were extremely varied – from marketing topics to consulting topics. As a result, I was able to gain insight into many different areas of the company.


I can hardly imagine a better working atmosphere for an internship. The atmosphere is like in a start-up – flat hierarchies, direct smooth communication and close professional cooperation. I didn’t have to walk two steps for help and feedback, and always had someone to give me ideas. The transparent and open culture allows everyone to contribute to the team in their own way and learn from others.

So if you are looking for varied tasks in a dynamic and flexible team in a business and IT consultancy, b2plus is the right place for you!


Business administration student at Munich University of Applied Sciences, 4th semester



A summary of my internship semester

My internship semester at b2plus was a special one. Not only because of the company but also because of the current pandemic situation.
At first we were still in the office. But after about two months in the office, we all moved to the home office. I was surprised how smoothly everything went, but as we had all worked in the cloud before and also had team members in other parts of Germany, we were already used to online meetings. The only thing we didn’t have to do was communicate directly from our desks. I was also able to contact my colleagues when I was working from home.


I also learned to appreciate the daily project meeting even more in the home office. It gave me a fixed date each day that I could work towards and use the meeting to structure my own tasks throughout the day.


I generally liked the communication at b2plus. It was always open, honest and with a lot of trust. The team was very nice, collegial and you were a “full team member” without intern status and fetching coffee (except for yourself). They advised me on my tasks and gave me feedback, so I was able to find creative solutions to problems on my own and contribute to the success of the project. My tasks were always meaningful and responsible, no maintaining Excel spreadsheets.


What worked very well was the collaboration with the other intern. It was very helpful to develop ideas together, give feedback and support each other with tasks. From brainstorming Google Adds keywords to joint research and exchanging tips and tricks in our daily work. The mixture of teamwork and working alone worked very well for us and improved the quality of our work.


This internship semester will help me in my upcoming semesters, as I have now got to know real cases from practice and can therefore understand and classify study content better and faster. I’m really looking forward to supplementing my further learning with this experience.
I’m leaving with a smile and a tear in my eye. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to going back to my lectures, but on the other hand, I really enjoyed working at b2plus.


I am grateful for my time there and can only recommend an internship, an internship semester or a working student position at b2plus.


Business Administration student at Munich University of Applied Sciences, 4th semester
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