Salesforce Administrator Certification: How our employees at b2plus prepare for the certification

Salesforce certifications not only enhance your CV, but also confirm your organizational and procedural expertise in dealing with Salesforce technology. The certificates also prove that you are qualified to solve complex problems in the respective subject areas with optimally adapted approaches. With the Salesforce certifications, you receive a seal of quality for your extensive knowledge and experience with the software.

There are currently 37 Salesforce certifications on offer. Salesforce addresses a wide range of functional areas with its broad range of training opportunities. From administrator and developer to marketer and consultant, certification opportunities are offered for all key functions.

How is our employee Moritz preparing for his Salesforce Administrator certification and what tips and tricks does he have up his sleeve?

Our Consulting Analyst Moritz has long since proven his skills and successfully completed his Salesforce Administrator certification at an authorized certification center in Munich. The administrator exam consists of 65 challenging single and multiple-choice questions, for which the candidate has a processing time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Preparing for this exam is extremely labor-intensive. It requires a high degree of determination and the ability to work on learning content independently. For this reason, good exam preparation is the be-all and end-all, because as we all know, without hard work there is no prize. Moritz says:

“It’s like learning math, some people can do it right from the start and others need a little longer to understand complex issues.”

He is the best proof that nothing stands in the way of a career as a Salesforce professional, even without previous specialist knowledge – but with a lot of hard work and the willingness to acquire new know-how.

To prepare for the certification, he clearly recommends Trailhead from Salesforce, but also the learning platform Focus on Force. Trailhead is Salesforce’s free online learning platform and offers a whole range of gamified learning content. At Trailhead, Moritz worked through the trail mix specially adapted for the Administrator certification. This makes it possible to rebuild the basics taught by the Trailmix in Salesforce itself and thus promotes practical learning. Moritz clarifies:

“I can only warmly recommend this, as it is less useful to simply memorize theoretical facts. It is much more important to be able to apply learning content in a practice-oriented way in order to gain a comprehensive overall understanding.”

The online learning platform Focus on Force offers candidates a preparation package with six test exams and over 400 practice questions. The test exams are based on the original exam in terms of structure, question style and completion time. A theory package is also offered, in which all exam-relevant learning content has been prepared in the form of videos and presentations. Unfortunately, the two packages are not free, but at $19 per package they are relatively affordable and definitely pay off.

At this point, Moritz emphasizes the importance of a study group during exam preparation at b2plus Consulting GmbH. It makes it possible to review what has been learned together and to work through the test exams and exercises together. In addition, the exchange with like-minded people is inspiring and offers the opportunity to clear up any ambiguities regarding the subject matter. Moritz assures us:

“This also gives you a huge boost in understanding when you try to explain a task to your counterpart. The learning effect is immense.”

In addition, the combination of learned theory with practical experience, which comes from working on real customer projects at b2plus Consulting GmbH, is another component of good preparation for the exam. The company is particularly proud of this, as hands-on experience plays a central role and is part of the daily routine.

How does b2plus support its employees in preparing for certification?

b2plus is very ambitious to support its employees in their exam preparation, as a high level of qualification coupled with Salesforce experience is the basic building block for successful work on customer projects. Employees preparing for certification use two hours of their weekly working time. In addition, the costs for test examinations and theory packages are covered by the company. Sebastian Milke, Founder and CEO of b2plus Consulting GmbH, is happy to help his employees with specific questions during exam preparation. Sebastian explains:

“The personal, professional and technical expertise of my employees is a matter close to my heart. With this perspective, we can guarantee our customers high-quality and competent advice.”

Are you already a Salesforce professional or are you interested in becoming a Salesforce expert just like our colleague Moritz? Are you constantly looking for new challenges and want to grow with us and our customers?

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