b2plus meets BERLIN

With nice colleagues and the right amount of fun, working at b2plus is not only a lot of fun, but also makes everyday working life fly by. As a young company with a modern corporate culture, we organize offsite events at regular intervals. They give us the space we need to get to know each other in a completely new way, build trust and discover things we have in common. The unique experiences and wonderful moments that the team experiences together definitely bond us together. We still look back fondly on the trips weeks later.

Our team was also forced to spend a lot of time working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally getting together with all our colleagues again without any worries and outside our city office at Gärtnerplatz was something we really missed. We are all the more pleased to have the whole b2plus team back together in one place.
No city is better suited for this than the metropolis of Berlin. Because one thing is clear, Berlin is constantly reinventing itself and never stands still – just as dynamic and modern as b2plus. Chatting during the train journey together, working on ideas at the workshop, getting to know Berlin’s culture, eating delicious food and sipping tasty cocktails – it’s a great way to spend time.
Shared successes weld us together. That’s why we were properly challenged by our CEO Sebastian Milke. Divided into two teams, we had to prepare two presentations on the topic of execution and result quality in projects in a very short space of time. This task was incredibly motivating, as we had to achieve a common goal within the two groups in a division of labor.
Laughing together is priceless and we definitely did that at our team event. We really enjoyed having lots of good conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.
These events always offer us the opportunity to strengthen team spirit and the “feel-good factor” without any pressure. Our next offsite event is already being planned. We are really looking forward to sharing our experiences with you again.